10 X 10 Cottage Bunkies

This economical 10 X 10 cottage bunkie is a MUST for anyone looking for a bunkie or small cabin on a tight budget. Add a bunk bed or cot and this bunkie shed is the perfect solution for overnight guest or the grand kids at the cottage. These mini cottage bunkie also create amazing little studios for art or music.

Each Bunkie includes four easy-open windows perfect for those hot summer nights – Simply open and enjoy the breeze or easily install an air conditioner. Worried about the bugs? Not in this bunkie! – Each window includes secure (removable) screening for overnight protection from the insects.

Create a space all your own this season with a mini backyard 10 x 10 cottage bunkie!

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10′ X 10′ Cottage Bunkie

10 X 10 cottage bunkie

Amazing Benefits: 

  • 10′ X 10′ Bunkie Shed (No Set-up Required)
  • 16″ on Center Two by Four Construction
  • 50-Year LP Smart Paneling (creating a tight seal)
  • 3 Windows with Screens
  • Insulated Door (Keyed Lock)
  • Flooring Included
  • 13 Colour Options (Click here to see colours)
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles (Click here to see colours)
  • Side Walls are 6′ 4.5″
  • Delivered Fully-Assembled (Ready-for-Use)

Bunkie’s Durable Flooring:

  • Pressure Treated 4” x 4” running the length of the structure.
  • 2/4 joist, 16” on center
  • 5/8″ Plywood Flooring (Easily install Vinyl or Laminate Flooring)
Easy Site Prep (Not Included)
  • 4″ Thick Gravel Base
  • Patio Stones

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As with all our cabin bunkie designs, each 10 X 10 Cottage Bunkie is delivered complete and ready for use. The exterior is 100% complete and weather tight. This is a BIG Benefit to you, allowing you to relax, insulate and paint the interior at your own pace…It’s a Win-Win Bunkie! So, stop with the weekend DIY bunkie project and let us HELP check this summer cottage bunkie as complete!

10 X 10 cottage bunkie

10 X 10 cottage bunkie

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