If you’re looking for cabin for sale you’ve come to the right place. A unique structure all its own. North Country Cabins come with a covered porch making it ideal for sunset evenings or morning sunrises. Perfect for camping, children’s playhouse or wherever else you want a neat, attractive building for!

Thinking about building a large or small cabin? Why fuss with the construction headaches and consider a North Country Cabin. Our unique prefab Cabin designs can be delivered fully assembled and ready for use up the 14′ wide by 44′ long. Want bigger? No problem, our on site construction teams are waiting to build your Dura-Temp or Log Cabin exactly how you dreamed.

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All of our option for Sheds are also available on Cabins whether its dura-temp siding or board and batten finish. Log Cabins are our most popular siding style. Below are some of the the many option available on our Cabin designs:

  • Log Cabin
  • Board and Batten Cabin
  • Dura Temp Cabin
  • Insulated Floor
  • Insulation Combo
  • Electrical Package
  • Insulated Vinyl Windows
  • Ridge Vent

Standard Cabin Specifications

The cottage cabin is built with the same quality specifications as the rest of our storage buildings. The main feature of the cottage cabin is a 4′ or 6′ pressure treated deck with railing. Larger deck sizes are available on request. The cabin includes four windows and a metal entry door with a 9 panel window. Choices of paint and stain colours are the same as the rest of our buildings. View colour options for more information.

Popular Choice

The Cabins log siding pictured to the right is our most popular siding chose. Our log siding can be painted or stained to whatever colour desired. Offering a country cottage style perfect for any location. Click here to view our Colour Options for Storage Sheds page for more information.

Sizesq ftStandard FeaturesWood Prices$/sq.ftLog Siding Prices$/sq.ft
10 x 16160Metal door & (3) medium windows$5,399$33.74$7,399$46.24
10 x 20200Metal door & (3) medium windows$6,199$31.00$8,399$42.00
12 x 14168Metal door & (3) medium windows$5,599$33.33$7,799$46.42
12 x 16192Metal door & (3) medium windows$5,999$31.24$8,399$43.74
12 x 20240Metal door & (3) medium windows$6,999$29.16$9,499$39.58
12 x 24288Metal door & (3) medium windows$7,899$27.43$10,499$36.45
12 x 28336Metal door & (3) medium windows$8,899$26.49$11,999$35.71
12 x 32384Metal door & (3) medium windows$9,599$25.00$12,999$33.85
14 x 24336Metal door & (3) large windows$9,799$29.16$13,099$38.99
14 x 28392Metal door & (3) large windows$10,899$27.80$14,499$36.99
14 x 30420Metal door & (3) large windows$11,499$27.38$15,199$36.19
14 x 32448Metal door & (3) large windows$11,799$26.34$15,599$34.82
14 x 36504Metal door & (3) large windows$13,099$25.99$17,899$35.51
14 x 40560Metal door & (3) large windows$14,199$25.36$18,499$33.03

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