Hunting Cabin


North Country Prefab Hunting Cabins are a smart choice for any hunting camp or hunting lodge. Our portable prefab hunting cabins offer everything imaginable for a comfortable hunting experience. From lofts and insulated floors to window placements and electrical packages all North Country Hunting Cabins are custom built to meet your needs. Ranging in size from 8′ X 8′ up to 14′ wide by 44′ long. Each Prefab Cabin size can be delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

Need a Cabin Built On Site? If adequate room to your desired location is not accessible by truck and trailer. Our construction team can build your new Hunting Cabin on site in as little as a few days.  Click here to view some recent on site projects.   

Exterior Siding Options: 

  • Log Siding
  • LP Smart Board Siding (50 Year Warranty)
  • Metal Sheeting
  • Board and batten

Want more? Below are some of the most popular add on options available for our prefab Cabin designs.

Hunting Cabins Add On Options:

  • Electrical Package (1 overhead light, 4 outlets, 1 exterior outlet for generator)
  • Insulated Floor
  • Insulation Combo
  • Loft / Workbench
  • Extra Windows
  • Insulated Metal Door
  • Metal Roof
  • Gun Lock Box
  • Porch
  • Patio Door

Standard Features of our prefab Hunting Cabins: 3 windows, 1 man door on front, 1 five foot double wood door on back and a 4 foot front porch. The interior is a 2 by 4 construction 16″ on center. Floor consists of 5/8 inch plywood floor with pressure treated 4 by 4 every 24″ as the ground base. The siding finish is painted LP Smart Board.

Take your hunting experience to a new level!  

With everything our hunting cabins have to offer, why would you consider anything else.  

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Sizesq ftStandard FeaturesWood Prices$/sq.ftLog Siding Prices$/sq.ft
10 x 16160Metal door & (3) medium windows$5,399$33.74$7,399$46.24
10 x 20200Metal door & (3) medium windows$6,199$31.00$8,399$42.00
12 x 14168Metal door & (3) medium windows$5,599$33.33$7,799$46.42
12 x 16192Metal door & (3) medium windows$5,999$31.24$8,399$43.74
12 x 20240Metal door & (3) medium windows$6,999$29.16$9,499$39.58
12 x 24288Metal door & (3) medium windows$7,899$27.43$10,499$36.45
12 x 28336Metal door & (3) medium windows$8,899$26.49$11,999$35.71
12 x 32384Metal door & (3) medium windows$9,599$25.00$12,999$33.85
14 x 24336Metal door & (3) large windows$9,799$29.16$13,099$38.99
14 x 28392Metal door & (3) large windows$10,399.00$27.80$14,499$36.99
14 x 30420Metal door & (3) large windows$10,899.00$27.38$15,199$36.19
14 x 32448Metal door & (3) large windows$10,999.00$26.34$15,599$34.82
14 x 36504Metal door & (3) large windows$12,069.00$25.99$17,899$35.51
14 x 40560Metal door & (3) large windows$13,199.00$25.36$18,499$33.03