Cheap Garden Sheds Ottawa ontario

Cheap Sheds without compromising our quality

While everyone wants a cheap shed, we believe there are different ways in doing this than cutting corners on quality. Other companies/box stores offer 24″ on center construction, but fail to make up for this lack of support. This leaves the shed boards and studs prone to bending and twist over time, resulting in holes and gaps in your storage shed.

Many times board and batten sheds also have this same issue leaving your belongings prone to rodent and water damage.

Quality is something everyone deserves, no matter the budget.

After doing our homework in shed design, we’re now happy to offer Ontario and Quebec an Economical Storage Solution with the same Quality and Structural Guarantee, similar to our deluxe garden sheds.

  • DIY Storage Sheds include wooden siding (backed by a 50 YEAR WARRANTY)!
  • DIY Storage Sheds include beautiful (35 Year Architectural Shingles)!
  • DIY Storage Sheds offer a primed exterior finish able to last one-full-year before needing paint.

Cheap Sheds Ottawa, Ontario

DIY SHED – Paint & SAVE!

If you’re interested in saving a few bucks and willing to get a little dirty this season, the DIY shed is a great option.  Delivered complete and ready for use. Each DIY Shed offers a convenient, affordable storage space for your home or business.

Designed specifically for those looking for a quick and affordable storage solution on a tight budget.

DIY SHED Benefits:

  • Complete Garden Shed (Delivered Ready-for-Use)
  • Wood Shed Siding (50 Year Warranty)
  • Double Shed Doors (Keyed Lock)
  • Lifetime Architectural Shingles
  • Durable Shed Flooring
  • Primed Exterior Finish
  • Black Hinges and Door Handle
  • Interior Top & Bottom Door Pins

What makes the DIY SHED different?

As mentioned above, the DIY shed includes many of the same great features as our standard garden sheds. However, they are available in a primed exterior finish and 24″ on center building construction. Delivered complete as most of our other garden sheds but with a little “do it yourself” savings. This Shed style is now available in four convenient garden shed sizes.

NO Permit in required for any 10 X 10 Garden Shed. Need more storage space? Avoid a permit application and consider multiple units. 

DIY Shed Sizessq. ft.Price
8' x 8' Complete Shed64$2,299
8' x 10' Complete Shed80$2,399
8' x 12' Complete Shed96$2,683
10' x 10' Complete Shed100$2,859




As mentioned, we specialize in offering both small and large prefabricated storage sheds delivered complete, ready for immediate use. This DIY SHED is no different! Visit our shed delivery page for more information on how it’s done.