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The Perfect Backyard Wood Shed for Firewood!

Wood Shed

Firewood Storage – Wood Sheds


This convenient wood shed style offers an (out of the house) solution for firewood storage. Specially designed to allow airflow throughout the shed but keep the rain off. Each board has been equally spaced from floor to ceiling allowing this airflow to pass through. This design results in faster firewood drying times and a clean tidy firewood storage solution for your backyard this season.


NO Permits Needed for any 10′ x 10′ Wood Shed – Avoid a permit application and purchase multiple storage buildings!


This Wood Sheds specifically designed sizes eliminate the need for a permit. This will save you money and the potential headache of processing a permit application with your local bylaw officer.

Another option for this shed design is for hay storage. A popular choice for organic farms. Hay needs to be stored very similar to firewood allowing airflow to pass throughout the shelter. Whichever your storage need, this building is guaranteed to offer top notch quality for a very affordable investment.

Wood Shed Details

  • Pressure Treated 2′ x 4′ Construction
  • 5/4″ x 6″ Decking Boards
  • Architectural Shingles
  • Holds approx. 5 cord of firewood (4′ x 4′ x 8′)
  • Delivered Fully-Assembled & Ready for Use

Whether you need to heat your home this winter.  Have a wood burning fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere. These prefab wood sheds designs are convenience and a smart choice for any backyard! 


Wood Shed Prices:

Sizesq. ft.Price$/sqft

Please note tax and delivery not included in above woodshed prices. Delivery lead times are between 4-6 weeks. Larger wood shed size are also available upon request.

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Visit our In-Stock Page for more information on buildings available for immediate delivery. In stock buildings include: Wood Sheds, Portable Garage Sheds, Cabins and Bunkies, and Gazebos.

Another options perfect for clean and tidy firewood storage is our wood racks and carts. These tools will help make your wood hauling routine nearly effortless!  Check them out!


Wood Shed

Wood Shed

Wood Sheds

Wood Sheds