Value Series Garage Sheds

Garage Style Storage Shed Ontario

*Value Series Garage-Style Sheds

HUGE Backyard Storage Spaces are now more affordable than ever!  Introducing the NEW Value-Series Storage Garage. The perfect for storage solution for Lawn Tractors, Patio furniture, Canoes, Kayaks and more. The Value-Series Storage Garage offer the biggest bang for your buck! Now available for delivery throughout Ontario and Quebec. Contact us for a quick-delivery estimate now!

Storage Garage Ottawa

Storage Garage Benefits: 

  • 12′ X 12′ up to 12′ X 40′
  • 9’ x 7’ Garage Door (no windows)
  • Flooring (16″ on center & 5/8 Plywood)
  • Smart Siding (50-Year Warranty)
  • Lifetime Architectural Shingles
  • 13 Custom Colour Options
  • Ontario Building Code Approved!


Value-SeriesPriceWindow & RampPopular Uses
12' X 12' $5,239+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 14' $5,663+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 16'$6,029+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 20'$6,899+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 24'$7,763+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 28'$8,753+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 32'$9,632+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 36'$10,553+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)
12' X 40'$11,653+379(ATVs, Lawn Tractors, Tools, Workshops)



Looking for Classic Car Storage? Upgrade to a Premium Series Garage!


Value-Series Garage Construction

  • Garage Framing – Constructed of 2X4 studs spaced every 16″ on center. Exterior walls are sheeted with LP Smart Board Siding. Our LP Smart Siding is painted with high-quality paint designed especially for the outdoor storage shed industry. Paint is available in 13 colour options.
  • Garage Roofing 2X4 rafters are spaced every 16″.  The roofing is then shingled with our 30-Year Architectural Shingles (available in 6 designs).
  • Engineered Flooring Each Garage Sheds foundation has 5 pressure treated 4x4s running the full length of the storage building. Pressure treated joist are placed every 16″ and layered with 5/8″ (smooth) durable plywood. Want stronger floor? Check out our Premium Storage Garages.


Value-Series Garage – Prefab Delivery

We specialize in Prefabricated Delivery. All our Storage Sheds, Prefab Garage Style Sheds, and Cabin Bunkies are delivered complete and ready for immediate use.

Garage Style Storage Sheds Ontario

Some recent garage delivery locations include:

  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Almonte, Ontario
  • Stittsville, Ontario
  • Carleton Place, Ontario
  • Perth, Ontario
  • Stittsville, Ontario
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • Brockville, Ontario
  • Kemptville, Ontario
  • Peterborough , Ontario
  • Bancroft, Ontario
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Orillia, Ontario
  • Barry’s Bay, Ontario
  • Pembroke, Ontario

Contact us for a quick garage delivery estimate to your area.

EASY Site Preparation

  • Preparing your site for the value-series garage shed is simple and convenient. A Gravel Base (of 4 – 6 Inches Level Stone) is recommended. See Storage Garage Site Preparation for complete information.
Value Series Garage Shed

Value Series Garage (with optional access door)

Value Series Garage Shed Value Series Garage Shed