Backyard Chicken Tips

Tips for keeping a successful hen house all year round.

chicken coopWhen keeping chickens throughout the winter, don’t forget:
  • Chickens need extra grain to keep them warm and also to compensate for lack of grass and insects.
  • Keeping the coop filled with the recommended amount of chickens helps keep the coop at a comfortable temperature.
  • Make sure the birds have water not ice.

Keeping your Chickens Happy & Healthy

Health Guidelines:
  • Approximately 2 square feet of space per bird is recommended for proper health.
  • At bare minimum, the coop should be clean and well ventilated but draft free. Our wood flooring helps protect the chickens while our glass board flooring provides easy cleaning throughout the coop.
  • Clean water and feeding stations on regular basis.
  • Be sure the coop has adequate roosts for the number of hens.
  • Good, natural light is a plus. Windows with screens on each of our coop designs help provide the perfect amount needed.
  • Good bedding such as sawdust, wood shavings, or chopped straw is ideal for the comfort of the hens. This can also help encourage a proper laying schedule.

chicken coop