Chicken Coop FAQ

chicken coops

  1. Do you build Chicken Coops on location?  We do not build chicken coops on location. All of our Chicken Coop/Hen Houses are delivered fully-assembled and ready for use.
  2. How are the chicken coops delivered?  The chicken coop delivery process depending on your location and can be done in one of two ways.  Our standard, chicken coop delivery process is completed using our hydraulic trailer placing your chicken coop exactly where desired. The second delivery option available on some of our smaller chicken coop design details shipping your coop via local fright company. The delivery process on this option is road side or driveway delivery and would involve the customer moving the coop to the final desired location. This option is popular with smaller chicken coop designs or chicken tractors complete with wheel systems for easy hauling.
  3. Are chicken coops available throughout the winter months? Yes. All our chicken coops can be purchased and delivery all year around.
  4. Where are our chicken coop delivery locations?  We generally only ship our chicken coops within Ontario and Quebec.  However, if you are outside this region feel free to contact us and request a delivery quote.
  5. What are the lead times before chicken coop delivery? All of our In-Stock chicken coops are ready for immediate delivery while a custom coop design usually takes about 4-5 weeks to complete.
  6. Do you have extra chicken coop options available? We have many add-on coop options including, heated roosting bars, glass board flooring, clean out lids, litter trays, wheel systems, etc. Click here to view our chicken coop options now.
  7. How many coop designs do you offer? We have over 20 beautiful chicken coop/hen house designs available including, Dutch Style Coops, Quaker Style Coops, A Frame Coops, Lean to Style Coops, and Chicken Tractors in many different sizes.
  8. What are your chicken coop sizes? We offer coops design in many shapes and sizes. Our smallest being our 3′ X 3′ A Frame Coop and our largest being a 12′ X 24′ A Frame Chicken Coop.
  9. Can the coop wheel system be attached to any size chicken coop? Yes, however, hauling the coop from location to location on some of our larger designs can be very challenging. For this reason, we do not recommend the wheeling system option on any chicken coop design over 4′ X 8′.
  10. Will the heated roosting bars heat the chicken coop? No. Our heated roosting bars are meant to heat the hens feet and provide a comfortable perch to encourage laying. To heat the chicken coop during the winter months a heat lamp should be installed and is recommended.
  11. Are the chicken coops insulated? No. While some of our chicken coop design include a layer of insulation form on the ceiling we do not offer insulation throughout the coop. If desired, this can easily be completed once delivered by a third party or by the owners themselves.
  12. Are chicken coop kits available? Yes, chicken coop kits are available for each of our coop/hen house designs. Due to our builders practices, the cost for a coop kit is around the same as a fully assembled unit. Delivery however may be cheaper, depending on your location. Also, we do not offer any instruction manuals for the chicken coop kits.
  13. Can my chicken coop be relocated at a later date? Yes. all of our coops are portable and can be relocated at a later date. Whether you are moving or simply would like to relocate you coop from its current position we are able to do so. However, in order to properly relocate the structure it must be in the same condition as when it was delivered. Meaning, the structure has not been modified from it original condition.
  14. What is our Engineered Coop Siding? A standard feature on many of our chicken coops designs is a engineered wooden finish called DuraTemp Siding. DuraTemp siding consist of a 3/4 inch sheet of plywood that have been baked under extreme temperatures and then pressed with design similar to board and batten. Once these boards are cooled, they are primed and then painted. One of the reasons we decided to make this materials one of our standard feature on both our chicken coops and garden sheds is for its durability and great warranty. With proper upkeep, this wooden finish holds a warranty of over 30 years. 
  15. Can the chicken coop windows and chicken coop door placement be adjusted to fit my desired look? Unlike our sheds and portable garages the door and window placement on our chicken coops cannot be adjusted. Each of our chicken coop designs are sold as seen online. Additional features can however be add on to any coop. These additional options can be seen by visiting our coop options category.
  16. Do you offer a chicken coop warranty? All our chicken coop designs are covered by a 1 year warranty on the building practice, while the materials used offer up to a 30 year warranty.
  17. What are the inside dimensions of the chicken coops? All the Chicken Coop sizes shown online are outside measurements. If you are interested in the actual interior size on a specific coop, simply minus 5″ from both the length and width of the chicken coop design. For example, the interior space on a 3′ X 4′ chicken coop would be 31″ X 43″.
  18. What is L.P. Tech Shield? LP Tech Shield is a radiant barrier sheathing (insulating foam) used on some of our chicken coop design. This product helps block radiant heat from leaving the coop keeping the interior of the coop warmer during the winter months.
  19. How large are chicken coop nesting boxes? Our chicken coop nesting box size is 12″ X 12″. This is a standard size for all coops.
  20. Do you offer chicken coop building supplies? No. We only sell chicken coops completely finish. Chicken Wire, Chicken Ramps, Nesting Boxes, Coop Wheel Systems, and Heated Roosting Bars are available but only when added to a coop design itself.
  21. Do you offer chicken coops within city limits? Yes we will delivery chicken coops/hen houses both within city limits and rural areas.
  22. Are chicken coops allowed within city limits? This depends on your area and/or local bylaw. If you are concerned about this issue contact your local town or city for more information.
  23. Do I need a permit for a chicken coop? A permit is encouraged for any chicken coop over 108 sq.ft. This would only apply to our 12′ X 24′ A Frame Chicken Coop.
  24. What is Glass Board Flooring? Glass board flooring is a white water proof flooring available on each chicken coop designs. This unique coop option helps cleaning the coop very easy and quick.
  25. What is the standard chicken coop flooring material? Each chicken coops standard flooring option consist of a plywood base. A water proof flooring option is also available as stated above.