Lighthouse Playhouses

Our Lighthouse Playhouses are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. We offer lighthouse playhouses starting at 12′ and all the way up to a towering 25′ feet! Add a playhouse or storage shed to your custom structure and then top it off with a swingset, slide, front porch or even a solar light! We offer twelve colors for wood and trim and six shingle colors.





Lighthouse Sizes

Check out our gallery of lighthouses below.  Contact us for pricing.

12' w 6 x 8 with Playhouse 12' w 6 x 8 with Playhouse from Rear
15' Hatteras Playhouse 18' Hatteras and 15' Lighthouse
18' Lighthouse Playhouse 18' with Playhouse and Gym
20' Lighthouse Shed 25' Tower Lighthouse

Inside of Lighthouse Playhouses

Inside of 25' Lighthouse Inside of 25' Lighthouse
Size Prices
12′ w 6 x 8 with Playhouse      currently not available
15′ Hatteras Playhouse      currently not available
18′ Lighthouse Playhouse      currently not available
20′ Lighthouse Shed      currently not available
25′ Tower Lighthouse      currently not available