(NEW) Lakeside Bunkie Shed

Lakeside Bunkie Shed

Meet the Lakeside Bunkie – Ontario’s #1 Choice in Cottage Design! 


The lakeside bunkie was 100% designed with you in mind. From the flooring to the loft this bunkie has it all.




We’ve built many beautiful shed styles but this is truly in a class of its own. This new lakeside bunkie shed offers some great features we know you’ll LOVE. From its beautiful A-Frame design and prefabricated convenience, to the many colour options available. The NEW Lakeside Bunkie is truly a summer must. A perfect solution for that much-needed extra space at the cottage, cabin, or backyard. This bunk shed is guaranteed to be a hit wherever it’s used.

Lakeside Bunkie - Ontario, Canada

The Lakeside bunkie sheds beautiful profile view.

Lakeside Bunkie Sheds Ontario


The Lakeside Bunkie Shed offers many great features:

  • 10′ x 10′ Bunkie Interior Space
  • Metal Entry Door with Keyed Lock.
  • 10′ x 6′ 6″ Sleeping Loft with Ladder.
  • 3 Beautiful Large Windows (with screens).
  • 1 Medium Loft Window (with screen)
  • Storage/Sleeping Loft (either a double or queen size mattress)
  • Waterproof Flooring (natural wood design)
  • 16″ on center construction (ready to insulate for 4 season use)
  • 13 Colour Options
  • 6 Architectural Shingle Options (15 Year)
  • LP Smart Board Siding (50 Year)
  • Delivered Complete (Ready-for-Immediate-Use)
  • Bunkie Front Porch/Deck (add- on option)

Total $6,499 (Fully-Assembled Bunkie) Contact us for a delivery estimate.


Want More? How about a front porch to sit and enjoy the summer evening. Designed with the lake side view in mind, the front porch of the lakeside bunkie was designed on a 22 degree angle setting it apart from anything you’ve seen before.



Lakeside Bunkie Sheds - Ottawa, Ontario



The Bunkies Interior – The interior of the lakeside bunkie is available in 2 options. Either a deluxe or DIY shell.

  • The DIY (standard option) features 16″ 2/4 construction. The standard option allows for insulation and electrical to be installed by the customer or a third party after delivery. The flooring on the basic model includes 2/4 floor joint and 5/8 plywood flooring. This option also includes waterproof vinyl flooring, providing a beautiful inviting finish.

  • Deluxe Addition (upgrade option) includes a fully-insulated unit (flooring, walls, ceiling).  The interior is then finished with tongue and groove pine rustic planks. An insert propane heater is installed on the back wall (externally vented). The heater allows for a simple BBQ propane tank hook-up from the outside wall. Lighting includes a solar package which allows for computer and cell phone USB charging stations. Contact us for more info on the deluxe style bunkie.


The Bunkies Prefabricated Convenience – Have you been considering a bunkie kit or searching for bunkie plans for a summer project? Most often, without experience, bunkie kits can become more work then expected and often result in extra expense having to hiring local contractors for completion. For this reason – The Lakeside Bunkies are delivered (fully-assembled) ready-for-immediate-use. Like our garden sheds and garages, the bunkie will be lifted into position via a hydraulic trailer.. Access to the desired location on your property is required. See more on the Bunkie Delivery Process here.


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Lakeside Bunkie Shed

Two Bunkie windows on the back wall allowing for plenty of natural and air flow.

Lakeside Bunkie Shed

Great sleeping solution for overnight guest, the bunkies loft will accommodate up to a queen size mattress. Need more space? The lower level of the bunkie allows for additional space for a single or double bed.

Ontario Lakeside Bunkie Shed

The grand kids will LOVE the overnight adventure only a Lakeside Bunkie can offer.

Lakeside Bunkie Shed Ontario

Lakeside Bunkie Shed (View from the loft)

Lakeside Bunkie – Canada