Preparing for a Shed Delivery

Prefab Delivery Service

We deliver prefab buildings (100% complete) ready for use. Service areas include the province of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Click here for a FREE Delivery Estimate.

See below some helpful tips and information on how to be prepared for a shed delivery. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Delivery Equipment

Each prefab cabin, garage, and storage shed is delivered by either pickup trucks and trailer or large tractor-trailers. Whichever option is required may depend on the prefab building being delivered. You will be notified before delivery as to which service is required for your structure.

Preparing your Foundation

Properly preparing your Shed Base can beneficial during the delivery process of your building. For some quick tips on preparing your sheds foundation visit How to Prepare a Shed Base.

Space Requirements

Your driveway must be a stone base, free of mud at the time of delivery. An area approximately 2′ wider then the structure and a clear 15′ high is required. All turns must be clear of tree limbs and wires to provide sufficient space to maneuver during delivery. See video for more information.

On most occasions, the driver will slowly back onto the prepared shed base. He will then tilt the trailer until the rear of the shed is resting on the prepared pad. The trailer will then be slid out from underneath the structure.

Our specially designed trailers allow for proper alignment of your shed even after the building has been near completely positioned.

Preparing for Delivery | 5 Helpful Tips

  • Clear a delivery area 2′ wider than the building width and a height of 15′ clearance within the delivery zone.
  • Driveway turns must be clear for maneuvering the truck and trailer.
  • The driveway must be cleared of trees and tree limbs, vehicles (refer to the above clearance requirements).
  • Adequate space for a truck to drive straight out after delivery is required. This distance varies with building length (approximately 50 feet to 150 feet).
  • The position of the building on the trailer should be stated before delivery. For example, should the shed doors be facing forward or backward on the trailer?

Shed Installation Services

Occasionally a prefab shed delivery is not possible on your property. This is normally due to trees, rocks or fences the customer wishes not to remove. For this reason, we also offer On-Site Shed Installation Services. This service is available on all prefab structures throughout Ottawa and the Valley. If this is something you require Contact us, and let us help walk you through the different options available.

Looking for more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more helpful tips and services.

Many Sheds Delivered in 20 mins or less! 


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