Prefab Shed Delivery

Prefab Shed & Garage Delivery Info

Prefab Shed Delivery

North Country Sheds specializes in delivering Fully-Assembled Prefab Sheds, Portable Garages and Gazebos all ready for immediate use. If we cannot deliver a structure to your desired location, click On-Site Assembly for more information.

For a fully assembled delivery, please note that these are large portable buildings and adequate room for access by a large truck and trailer is required. On most deliveries the driver will back the truck onto the prepared pad, then tilt the trailer until the rear of the structure is resting on the pad. He will then drive out from underneath the structure. With our specially designed delivery trailers we’re always able to align your building exactly how you wish, even after the building has been dropped.

Delivery time can be as quick as 10 minutes to an hour depending on the desired drop location.

Prefab Shed Delivery Below are a few things you will need to take into account before your prefab portable building arrives.

  • Your driveway must be a stone base or free of all mud at time of delivery.
  • An area approximately 2 feet wider than the width of the structure and 14 feet high is required
  • All turns must be cleared to provide sufficient room for maneuver of the truck and trailer.
  • Your site must be clear of all trees, tree limbs, etc. within the access area.
  • Adequate room in front of the structure for the truck to pull straight out after delivery is required. This distance varies with the length of the building: approximately 85 feet to 150 feet; this will vary from one site to another.

Prefab Shed Delivery

Winter Deliveries 

We delivery all year around. Below are a few thing you should take into account when a delivery is scheduled after the snow flies.

  • Snow should be cleared from lawn and areas around the drop locations.
  • Delivery schedules may be postponed or delayed due to weather.

If we are unable to deliver a building due to snow not being properly removed from drop zone. An extra charge may apply due to wait times for the snow to be removed, or a rescheduled delivery.


If you are concerned about our prefab delivery requirements a site visit is recommended. A site visit fee may apply depending on your location. Contact us to request a site visit.

North Country Sheds can prepare your site and or construct the concrete pad if requested. Visit Site Preparation for more information.

Prefab Shed Delivery

Prefab Shed Delivery