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A 100% Canadian-Made Product – North Country Sheds offers the very best Portable Garage Shelters on the market. This new line of fabric buildings are second to none for longevity and design. Every shelter is specially designed to withstand life in our Canadian climate. Whether it’s snow, heavy rain, freezing rain, hail, or high winds, these Canadian-made portable garage shelters are guaranteed to provide a safe, dry place to store your belongings.

Premium Series

  • 100% Canadian Made (Built to Last)
  • Innovative Round Design
  • 1.315″, 14 gauge galvanized steel frame (Heaviest in the industry)
  • 14 Oz, 23 Mil Rip-Stop Poly Covers (Thickest/Strongest Available)
  • Industrial Welded Seams
  • Welded Cross Braces (Exceptional Wind & Snow Strength)
  • Durable Duck-Bill Anchors & Special Wind Straps Included
  • All Fabric is treated with Pro-Rated 15 Year UV Protection
  • Amazing 10 Year Pro-Rated Warranty against Sun/UV damage

Premium Ratchet and Strap Anchoring System included on all 20′ Wide Buildings,

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Building SizeSq. ft.Door Opening08' Door Height09' Door Height
12' X 20'240Curtain-Style Door$3,699$4,019
12' X 25'300Curtain-Style Door$4,399$4,669
12' X 30'360Curtain-Style Door$4,819$5,309
Building SizeSq. ft.Door Opening08' Door Height09' Door Height
14' X 30'420Curtain-Style Door$6,273$6,899
14' X 40'560Curtain-Style Door$7,573$8,399
Building SizeSq. ft.Door Opening12' Door Height13' Door Height14' Door Height
16' X 30'480Easy Roll-Up Door$9,639$10,319$10,993
16' X 40'640Easy Roll-Up Door$11,839$12,729$13,629
Building Size Sq. ft.Premium Feature08' High Door
20' X 25'500Easy Roll-Up Fabric Door$8,423
20' X 30' 600Easy Roll-Up Fabric Door$9,399
20' X 35' 700Easy Roll-Up Fabric Door$10,369
20' X 50'1000Easy Roll-Up Fabric Door$13,049

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Fabric Building Portable Garages Canada
Fabric Building Portable Garages Canada
Fabric Building Portable Garages Canada
Fabric Building Portable Garages Canada
Fabric Building Portable Garages Canada

6 Premium Fabric Building Benefits


  • ATTRACTIVE – Our portable garage covers fit tight as a drum. A drum tight shelter cover provides long life due to minimal wind flap. 
  • INNOVATION – Our innovative round shelter design is a must for extreme Canadian and northern US winters. The round shelter design will allow snow and ice to slide off with ease prolonging the life and warranty on each shelter design.
  • SHELTER STRENGTH – Many customers tell us we over engineer our portable garages compared to other brands. We believe in building our portable shelters in a way we would also build for ourselves. Specially designed and engineered our motto is – “It’s better to be safe than sorry”.
  • WELDED SEAMS – All seams of all our portable shelters are heat welded with the most advanced hot wedge technology. This system provides a 2″ wide seam that is super tough and 100% waterproof. We weld as many parts of our shelter covers as possible to ensure a extremely tight seal. Welded components are very strong and unlike stitching they will not rot, break, or leak over time.
  • AFFORDABLE – With a Canadian-Made NCS Shelter affordable doesn’t mean prone to tip or tear in the next winter storm. Our Canadian-made portable fabric shelters are the most durable fabric portable garage shelters in the industry today.