Preparing a Shed Base

How to Prepare a Shed Base | North Country Sheds


Before Preparing your Shed Base

Before preparing your garden shed base or foundation, be sure you’ve taking into consideration the required space needed for a shed delivery.

Your driveway must be clear of all trees, tree limbs, etc. within the access area. If your structure is going on a crushed stone or concrete pad, your structure will be delivered with a special-built trailer similar to a rollback. The driver will back onto/or close to the prepared pad, then tilt the trailer until the rear of the structure is resting on the back of the pad. He will then drive out from underneath the structure. Once the shed is within 2′ from the rear of the trailer, it is then squared with the shed base before its final decent onto the prepared pad. There must be adequate room in front of the structure for the truck to pull straight out. This distance varies with the length of the building: approximately 85 feet to 150 feet. See more at How to Prepare for a Shed Delivery.


how to prepare a shed base


Preparing a Shed Base (Stone Foundation)


  • ( 1 ) Decide where to best have your shed positioned on your property.

  • ( 2 ) Marking out a space 1 foot larger then the garden shed base. For example, a 10 X 10 shed should have a 12 X 12 base or foundation. Hammer a wooden or metal stack into the ground marking all four corners.


  • ( 3 ) Attach a string line joining each stack together creating a box or rectangle guide for the stone base.


  • ( 4 ) Optional Feature – Lay pressure treated 4 X 4 or 6 X 6 posts directly below your string line.  Attach each corner together with galvanized corner brackets or interlock the posts and attach with large spikes. Level the posted horizontally with your shed base. The post should be level when measuring across the shed pad on both the length and width. If your property is on a slop or hill, additional post on one side may be required to create a level base (shown above).


  • ( 5 ) Lay garden fabric down on the desired area to prevent grass and weeds from growing up underneath the shed (optional).


  • ( 6 ) Add 5/8″ crushed stone. Larger crushed stone is optional, however, this can be more difficult to spread or level.


  • ( 7 ) Stone base should be at minimum 4-6″ in thickness/height from ground level to prevent any moisture from building up.


  • ( 8 ) Smooth stone to a level surface. Depending on the shed base size, this can be done with a tractor or garden rack.  A level shed base is crucial for garden shed doors and windows to operate properly. Using a string level or laser level while leveling the base is recommend.


  • ( 9 ) Optional Border Post Feature – If your shed base was prepared with wooden border post, level the crushed stone with the top of these post. A great way to do this is by placing a large board directly across the pad, resting on the top of the outside border beams (side to side). While resting the board on the outside edges or the post,  pull the board across the top of the base width creating a level surface for your storage shed to rest.


Concrete Pad Shed Base

Concrete shed foundations are prepared with 6” of concrete for the placement of the storage shed. The concrete pad should be the same size or slightly smaller then the storage sheds width and length. Please note, concrete pads are very expensive and can cost nearly the price of the storage shed itself. For this reason, our recommended shed base is of 5/8 crushed stone (shown below). We recommend this shed base for small to large garden sheds, cabins, as well as our Premium-Series Garage Sheds.

How to prepare a shed base

Preparing a Shed Base | Kingston, Ontario