Site Preparation

Your Storage Shed will be delivered to your location fully assembled and ready for use. Most of our units can be delivered by pickup truck and trailer, although some of our bigger structures must be delivered by tractor trailer and need adequate room. Your driveway must be a stone base or free of all mud at time of delivery. Where your driveway is straight, we need an area approximately 2 feet wider than the width of the structure and a clear 15 feet high. All turns must be cleared to provide sufficient room.

Clearing for Delivery

Your site must be clear of all trees, tree limbs, etc. within the access area. If your structure is going on a crushed stone or concrete pad, your structure will be delivered with a special-built trailer similar to a rollback. The driver will back his truck onto the prepared pad, then tilt the trailer until the rear of the structure is resting on the pad. He will then drive out from underneath the structure. There must be adequate room in front of the structure for the truck to pull straight out. This distance varies with the length of the building: approximately 85 feet to 150 feet; this will vary from one site to another.

Crushed Stone Foundation (Recommended Base)

Preparing your site is easy. You can do it yourself or have us do it for you (depending on your location).

  1. Lay garden fabric down on the desired area to prevent grass and weeds (optional)
  2. Add 5/8″ crushed stone ( 6″ wider on all sides then the garden shed, or garage measurements)
  3. Stone should be roughly 4-6″ in thickness.
  4. Smooth stone to a level surface. A level base is crucial for shed doors to operate properly.

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