Backyard Sheds

A Premium Backyard Storage Shed Solution

Backyard Sheds and Garages increase the value of your home


Do you have a need for a backyard shed or garage this season? Whether your storage need is BIG or small we have something for you. Our beautiful garden sheds make great addition to any backyard. Don’t just purchase another wood shed prone to fade and weather lasting only a few years. Make a wise choice with your next backyard storage solution.

Purchase a premium backyard shed and increase the value of your home with North Country Sheds! With over 12 prefab backyard sheds for sale, we’re your instant backyard storage specialist!


Premium Backyard Sheds


A step-up from the standard box store garden sheds. North Country Shed’s backyard storage sheds are built to last! Labeled as a “premium backyard storage solution” by a recent customer says it all! Each of these backyard storage sheds are engineered to meet all Ontario Building Code Requirements. Sixteen inch on center, two by four construction allows obtaining a permit for your backyard shed a breeze.

Our standard wooden LP Smart Sidings (50 Year Warranty) leaves you knowing your storage shed will last for generations. While our custom paint options allow you to match your homes design perfectly. Browse our backyard garden sheds and prefab garages for more information.

Backyard Sheds

Backyard Sheds


Portable Convenient Backyard Storage Sheds


Interested in an easy affordable storage solution for the backyard or cottage? Each of our portable garden sheds are delivered complete and ready for immediate use. Purchasing a prefab storage building allows you to avoid the mess and hassle of a backyard construction project. Simply mark out where you would like your backyard shed positioned and schedule a delivery.

On arrival our driver will take extra care to position your garden shed exactly where desired. We offer two types of shed delivery tools. Firstly and most common is our truck and lift trailer. Secondly is our garden shed dolly. This dolly tool allows us to deliver garden sheds in backyards where a vehicle cannot.

Backyard Sheds


Most Popular Large Backyard Sheds


Perfect for anyone wanting to purchase a large backyard storage solution.  Our Garage Storage Sheds may be exactly what you need! Easily described as a shed with garage door. Our prefab garage sheds offer a large backyard storage space perfect for lawn tractors, ATV storage and convenient backyard winter storage for classic cars.

These large backyard sheds range in size from 8′ X 10′ up to 14′ X 44′. Each of our backyard garage sheds offer durable PT flooring over an amazing twelve inch on center construction. A garage door provides easy access for vehicles, while a single man door allows for convenient in and out passage with smaller items.

Our standard siding option includes our LP Smart Board Siding (50 Year Warranty). This siding is custom painted one of 13 colours to match your backyard perfectly. Check out more information on how to purchase these backyard sheds at Portable Garage Sheds.

Large Backyard Sheds