Ontario Cabin Bunkie Kits

Mini Cabin Bunkie Kits 

Do you have cabin bunkie plans for the cottage this coming season? Have you ever dreamed of having a small cabin or bunkhouse for the grandkids or a backyard hideout during the summer holidays? If so, these Ontario Cabin Bunkie Kits may be a great addition to your backyard or cottage this season. Beautifully designed, each of our cabin bunkie kits offers an extra sleeping loft as well as a living space for reading or an evening hobby.

Onatrio Cabin Bunkie Kits

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These wonderful small cabin bunkie kits are a whole new standard in backyard bunkie designs. Each of these cabin bunkie kits includes beautiful log siding, two cabin windows, bunkie loft, superb wood flooring, double entry doors with windows, loft ladder, loft side railings, a cabin overhang front porch, and more.

Each cabin kit is shipped to your home, cottage, or business in an easy-to-assemble kit. Like our fully-assembled prefab cabins and bunkies, these Ontario cabin bunkie kits are also available for delivery throughout Ontario and Quebec. Their compact kit design also allows for easy and affordable shipping throughout the United States including New York, Maine, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

All material in this do-it-yourself cabin kit is pre-cut and can be assembled very easily using the detailed instructions. These easy-to-assemble cabin bunkie kits require no power tools for assembly. Each log cabin kit uses a finger-joint attachment system similar to our cedar barrel saunas. Each log cabins design uses an easy-attachment kit system providing a very tight and waterproof seal. This system allows for easy cabin assembly anywhere on your property not having to rely on power tools. Our customers agree this kit system is especially handy when using these cabins kits as hunting cabins, government conservation areas, and parks.

Site preparation for these Ontario bunkie cabin kits is very similar to our prefab cabins and portable garages. Each cabin attaches to a PT wooden base elevated from moisture. Below this cabin bunkie base, a foundation of either gravel or patio stones is all that is required. Choose whichever cabin foundation is easier for you depending on the location of which you would like your cabin bunkie positioned. Do your best to create a level surface. Having a level area for the cabin to rest is crucial and required for proper assembly and bunkie installation. Like any outdoor structure, starting with a level surface for the cabin bunkie kit to be assembled will greatly increase the assembly process and make for a quick and enjoyable experience.

These cabin bunkies are specially designed and DO-NOT require a building permit. This allows you the freedom not having to deal with building permits and bylaw officials requiring an inspection of the cabin/bunkie. While bylaw officials are there to help, many times applying for a permit can be a headache. Occasionally, they will require your prefab cabin or bunkie to be positioned in a certain location on your property that you may not prefer. With this in mind, we have specially designed these cabin bunkie kits allowing you to avoid this issue. So relax and do as you wish with one of our cabin bunkie kits in your backyard today!

Cabin Bunkie Kits

Ontario Cabin Bunkie Kits Sleeping Loft

Ontario Cabin Bunkie Kits Feature:

  • One Complete Log Cabin/Bunkie Kit
  • Cabin Interior (104 sq.ft.) 
  • Spacious Cabin Sleeping Loft (50 sq.ft.) 9’W X 3′ 5″H X 5′ 9″L
  • Wooden Log Siding (40mm Northern Spruce Wood Logs)
  • Bunkie Side Wall Height (7′ 5″)
  • PT Sub-Floor Beams
  • Beautiful T&G Wood Flooring
  • Double Entry Doors (with windows)
  • Steel Threshold (entry door)
  • Door Handle with Lock System
  • Two Bunkie Tilting Windows (30″ X 39″)
  • Loft Bunk with Railing & Access Ladder

Bunkie Supplies (not provided with the kit)

  • Shingles (estimated $149)
  • Foundation (gravel, 6-8 patio stones, concrete slab)
  • 5 Pressure Treated 4′ X 4′ Base (not necessary, but helps with moisture)
  • Cabin Paint/Stain

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Lakeside Cabin Bunkies

A similar design to the Ontario Cabin Bunkie Kit is our NEW Lakeside Bunkie Shed.

Offering many similar features but delivered fully-assembled and ready for use, the lakeside lofted bunkie includes a sleeping loft, metal insulated door, large windows, 13 colour options and more.

If you are not interested in installing your own bunkie this season then have one of our Lakeside Bunkies Delivered Today!

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Ontario Lakeside Bunkie Shed