Best Selling Portable Garage

Best Selling Portable Garage - Prefab Portable Garage

Meet our Best Selling Portable Garage Shed!


Single Wide Garage Sheds – Are you looking for the best portable garages and storage shelters available? Prefab storage garages are the most popular storage sheds available. Offering the biggest bang for your buck, they include a fully-assembled portable garage that is custom painted to your exact colour option, as well as your choice of six shingle types. Why fuss with any garage kits or garage packages when you can purchase a custom storage garage and have it delivered fully-assembled and ready for use?

Delivered Fully Assembled & Ready For Use!


Our single car garages are a perfect and affordable choice for anyone in need of a whole lot of storage space at an exceptional value. Available in two beautiful roof styles these garages will match any home of cottage setting perfectly.

Best Selling Portable Garage (styles)

  • Cottage Style Garage Sheds: Our cottage-style (A-Frame) roof line (also known as a Gable roof style) blends in with its surrounding perfectly. Matching the design of most homes truss system, this garage design is a popular option.
  • High Wall Garage Sheds: Our high barn roof line (also known as a Gambrel roof line) is perfect for anyone looking for a country mini-barn style garage shed. Allowing for extra interior head room, this garage style is great for adding addtional loft storage space.


Best Selling Portable Garage

Best Selling Portable Garage

Best Selling Portable Garage

Portable Garage Delivery Sizes

Our best selling portable garage sheds can be delivered fully-assembled in a wide range of sizes and garage designs. If your property allows accessible room for truck and trailer, our delivery crew can deliver a fully-assembled prefab portable garage to your property anywhere from 12′ to 14′ wide and up to 44′ long. The maximum prefab garage size we can deliver fully assembled is 14′ Wide X 44′ Long. All our portable garage buildings will arrive at your property fully assembled and ready for use. A complete list of garage shed sizes and garage prices are available by visiting our Single wide portable garage sheds page.

Portable Garage Standard Feature

Listed below are our portable garage standard features, which are already included in our online price list.

  • 9′ X 7′ Metal Overhead Garage Door with Windows and Lock Set
  • Wooden side Door with Lock Set
  • Two Windows with Screens
  • Heavy Duty Garage Floor (as specified above)

Best Selling Portable Garage (Siding Options)


Our prefab storage garage siding options range from our most popular smart siding to our beautifully designed log siding. For your convenience, we have listed below more information about our best selling portable garage siding options.

  • Portable Garage LP SMART Siding – Our custom painted LP SMART BOARD siding is our most affordable garage siding option and is included in our online garage prices list. Smart Siding is a engineered wood that has been heated and custom designed to look like board and batten siding. With a similar look to an old school board and batten shed, our smart siding can be custom painted and is covered by an extensive warranty. For more information regarding this portable garage siding option visit our LP Smart Board Specifications Page.
  • Portable Garage Vinyl Siding – Our vinyl siding options are available in a variety of colours that are sure to match your home or cottage. With a price tag a little higher than the above Dura-temp siding option. Vinyl Siding is a beautiful choice for both portable garages and custom garages alike. Available in eight beautiful Vinyl siding colours and 8 Vinyl trim colours. Our garage vinyl siding options are a great choice for anyone interested in a modern garage design. For more information on our garage vinyl siding options visit Garage Vinyl Siding Colour Options.
  • Portable Garage Log Siding – In addition to our standard painted wood siding, we also offer custom garage log siding with many stain options. This siding option is a great choice for anyone wanting to make a big impression. Our beautifully designed Garage log siding is available in either Pine Wood Boards or Cedar Wood Boards. This custom log siding is available in two lengths of either 2 X 6 or 2 X 8. Pictures to view this log siding option are available by visiting our Garage Colour Options page.

Best Selling Portable Garage (Flooring)


Our best selling portable garages are available with a solid wood PT floor. Below is some information regarding the flooring on our different portable garage sheds.

  • Our standard portable garage flooring (included in our single wide garage price list) is a pressure treated solid wood floor. This garage floor type has 7 pressure treated 4 x 4’s running the full length of the building. The two 4 x 4’s in the center of the garage floor are doubled up for extra strength where most needed. Over top of the 4 X 4’s running the full length of the portable garage, we add pressure treated solid wood 2 X 4’s every 12″. The 2 X 4’s run from side to side of the garage crossing each 4 x 4 for extra strength. Once the garage base is secured, we add sheets of thick 3/4″ pressure treated plywood for a smooth and sturdy finish.

Best Selling Portable Garage (Walls & Roof Design)


These are similar to our portable garages standard flooring. Our portable garages wall and roof construction is designed with strength and proper Ontario Code requirements in mind.

  • Side walls are constructed out of 2 x 4 studs spaced 16″ on center.
  • Side walls are sheeted with LP Smart Board or the siding of your choice.
  • 2 x 4 rafters are spaced every 16″ on 8. 10, and 12′ wide garage sheds.
  • 2 X 6 Rafters are spaced every 16″ on 14′ wide garage sheds.
  • Roof is sheeted with 1/2″ 4-ply plywood.
  • Roof is shingled with 20-Year asphalt shingles (available in 6 designs).
  • Wooden Doors are constructed out of 2 x 4 frames.
  • 1 x 3 trim is used on exterior for a finishing touch
  • 9 X 7 Garage Doors are included on 12 and 14′ wide garages.
  • 6 X 6 Garage Doors are included on 8 and 10′ wide garage sheds.

best selling portable garage canada

Best Selling Portable Garage Options:


We have many options and extra add-ons available on both our Portable Garage Sheds and our Garden Shed designs including:

  • Metal Side Door
  • Ridge Vent
  • Workbenches
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Ramp
  • Insulated Floor (Perfect for heating your portable garage)
  • Extra Garage Door (For convenient access on both ends of the garage)

Read more on our best selling portable garage at: Garage Storage Shed Solutions