How To Purchase a Gazebo

How to Purchase an Garden Gazebo Structure from North Country Sheds

  1. Choose a Wooden Gazebo or Vinyl Gazebo: All of our Gazebo designs can be found by visiting our all Gazebos page. On this page you can browse the different Gazebo structure designs by clicking on each Gazebos image.
  2. Choose a size of Gazebo that best suits your needs: Depending on the Gazebo design, we have backyard structures available from 6′ X 6′ to 12′ X 24′. Pricing for all of our outdoor Gazebo structures can be found by visiting our Gazebo Prices page.
  3. Choose your Gazebo options: All our Gazebo options including Gazebo Screen, Cedar Shakes, Turn Post options, Gazebo Benches, Victorian Braces, can be found by visiting our Gazebo options page and or our Gazebo Prices page
  4. Decide whether or not your Gazebo can be delivered fully assembled: If adequate room is available we can deliver any Gazebo design size fully assembled up to 12′ wide X 24′ long. For more information on a Gazebo delivery visit our Delivery Info page. If delivery is not an option, our on-site construction team is ready and standing by ready to build your new Gazebo or Pergola on location. For all on-site construction projects an extra fee of 25% applies. Contact us for details.
  5. Contact us: You can contact us by emailing or calling 1-888-290-8277. Let us know your desired Gazebo design, Gazebo size, and Gazebo options. All custom Gazebo orders take from 4-6 weeks to complete from the time payment is processed. However, in-stock Gazebos are available for immediate delivery. Visit our Gazebo In Stock page for more information on our in-stock Gazebos ready for quick delivery.    
  6. Choose a payment option: After contacting us to confirm your order you can either Pay by Cheque, Credit Card (via our online secure payment form), or Cash. A 50% deposit is due immediately before the Gazebo building process. The remaining is due once the Gazebo construction is complete and ready for delivery.

We understand ordering a Gazebo design or storage shelter can be accompanied by many questions. So, if you have any difficulties or concerns regarding the purchasing process please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime. We would love to hear from you and answer any question or concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you!