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North Country Sheds offer many large backyard sheds for sale. Our large backyard storage sheds range is sizes from 8′ X 8′ up to a HUGE 14′ X 44′. These large backyard sheds are perfect for storing large and small items alike. Available in both wooden or vinyl siding. Each of our large backyard sheds can be custom designed to fit your home and backyards design. Our large backyard sheds are available in both a garage shed design or a garden shed design. Browse our large backyard shed designs now!

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The Portable Prefab Shed Advantage

All of our large backyard sheds for sale arrive at your home in a prefab design. This means after purchasing a large shed for your backyard it will be delivered fully-assembled and ready for use. Our prefab sheds allow you the advantage of paying less than most local contractors and shed builders. This building practice also saves you the hassle of deal with on-site construction crews.

Our service area for storage shed delivery is quite large and stretches throughout most of Ontario and Quebec. Contact us for a FREE delivery estimate.

Large Backyard Sheds for sale

Large Backyard Sheds with Custom Design

Are you interested in a large backyard shed without the normal wood shed appeal? We offer many custom shed options on all our backyard sheds. From custom window and shed door placement (allowing you to choose where the doors and windows are installed). Custom paint and shingle options give you the freedom to match your new shed to you home, business or cottages design.

Large Backyard Sheds for sale

Sheds Built to Outlast the Competition

Have you ever purchased a backyard tool or lawn tractor only to be surprised by its quality was not as expected? Your not alone! As home owners we understand the frustration a poorly built structure can be. Here at North Country Sheds we take pride in our workmanship and the quality standard we deliver. We have a long list of above standard building practices including:

  • 50-Year Siding
  • 30-Year Shingles
  • 16″ on center shed construction
  • 12″ on center floor joist
  • PT 3/4 inch plywood flooring base

We also offer Stamped Engineered Drawings on all our large backyard sheds. For you this provides you with the peace of mind knowing your backyard storage shed is safe and structurally sounds. This also means obtaining a building permit (if desired) a breeze!

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14' X 44' Large Backyard Sheds for sale