Potting Sheds

Potting Sheds

Introducing, the Potting Shed!


These potting sheds are now available for delivery throughout Eastern Ontario and Quebec. This little gem is ideal for various purposes, both summer and winter, especially for all your plant and potting needs!


The potting shed is perfect for transitioning your house plants to the outdoors in spring and if you haven’t started your garden seedlings early, or if you don’t have the space in your home to do so, the potting shed is the ideal way to keep your wee seedlings protected from the unpredictable Canadian elements as they germinate.  If you’ve already got your seedlings started in your home, this garden potting shed is a convenient way to acclimatize your plants to the hot day and cool night temperatures, while also giving them time to adjust to the sunshine to prevent burning their tender leaves. You won’t have to check the weather for frost warnings ever again, or worry about making sure all your plants are covered and safe.  In spring, once you’ve given your plants some incubation time in the potting shed you’ll be ready to get your flower and vegetable gardens springing! We hope you like that pun!..


Using this building as a garden potting shed also allows you to keep all your supplies in one place, making it convenient to get potting your plants and seeds. Its great for storing pots, flats, gardening tools of all shapes and sizes, bags of soil, peat moss, and compost, the garden hose, and any other yard and garden items you can think of. When the weather man sends out that storm warning mid-summer, you’ll have extra space in your garden potting shed to safely stow away yard items to protect them from damage. This could save you having to search the neighbourhood for that fly away tarp, or heaven forbid your patio set umbrella!


Of course there are the many things around the yard that need protection from the elements over the winter, and come fall, this potting shed can hold a load of goodies! One thing the potting shed is useful for over the winter is, of course, pots! Sure you can store your empty ones in there, but also full ones. Some may be just full of soil, but you can also store pots with plants in them over the winter. As you may know, many plants need the cold weather of winter to shut down for a dormancy period. A dormancy period in the winter is crucial for their survival and required in order for them to grow the next season.  


Any potted perennials, those that grow again year after year, can be stored in the shed for their dormancy period and to protect them from wind or heavy snowfalls, as well as the dreaded freezing rain. There are also some house plants that need this rest period. If your plants aren’t growing well indoors during the winter or seem to be dying, they may need rest. During dormancy plants still have some basic metabolic processes taking place which do require periodic watering; roots are prone to drying up in the winter which can cause permanent damage to perennials. This is not the only reason for plants to decline or die; it’s always good to do a little reading on your struggling plants if you’re not sure what’s causing their conditions.  


Spring, summer, winter, or fall, this potting shed is great for all seasons of your gardening needs! Check out the specifications of this shed below and please contact us should you have any questions. Happy Potting!

The Potting Sheds Standard Features:

    • One Fully-Assembled Potting Shed/Storage Shed (Floor, Walls, Roof)
    • Painted Finish (13 Colour Options).
    • Architectural Shingles (Lifetime)
    • 2″ x 4″ – 16″ on center Construction
    • One double shed door
    • One single entry door
    • 7 Windows (with screens)
    • Window Shutters
    • Potting workbench (below windows)
    • Durable Wood Shed Siding (50 Year Warranty)

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