Sheds with Lofts

shed with lofts ottawa, ontario

Sheds with Lofts increase storage space without adding the square footage.


Garden Sheds with lofts are great for maximizing your storage capacity. From backyard workshops to a simple backyard storage shed. Shed lofts offer another whole level of storage space many people never consider.

12′ X 32′ Garage Shed | Ottawa, Ontario

The Shed with Loft Advantage


Most often people fill their garden shed with larger items such as lawn mowers, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. and run out of room for the smaller items. This can cause confusion trying to find smaller items. It can also be very frustrating climbing and maneuvering around larger items to do so. If you can relate to these common storage shed problems then you need one of our garden sheds with lofts.  A popular choice for storing skis and snowboards. A garden shed loft allows you to store seasonal items away clearing space and clutter. You’ll be amazed at how much extra workspace is available by purchasing a garden shed with a loft for your backyard.
sheds with lofts ontario canada

Accessing your Shed Loft


Worried about easily accessing your storage shed loft? Adding a loft ladder is easy. Simply, purchase a few 2×4 lumbers, cut to the appropriate size and securely screw or nail together. Not interested in building a shed loft access ladder? No problem! Let us do it for you. Request a shed with loft and ladder with your next garden shed and we’ll deliver ready for immediate storage.
Shed with Lofts

Barn Style Shed with Loft


Barn Style Sheds with Lofts


Shed with lofts are available on all our garden shed designs. However, our high barn shed lofts offer the greatest storage capacity.  Besides their unique appearance, the barn style (gambrel roof truss design) also serves to maximize the usable floor space in the loft. We do this by adding more storage height without adding to the below square footage. Click here to see more pictures of our barn style garden sheds.


Below are a few Garden Sheds with Lofts you may want to consider on your next backyard storage building.


10' X 24' Mini Garage Shed with Loft

10′ X 24′ Mini Garage Shed | Kanata, Ontario